Residual Effects Of Slavery

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In addition to, Butler explains how slavery in the past can still have a crippling effect on minorities today causing them to be treated differently due to their enslavement in the past and the abuse they had suffered previously. The authors of Residual Effects of Slavery explain how although slavery was abolished, the effects of slavery still have a lingering effects on minorities today by stating “Furthermore, slavery’s brutality and its racist aftermath have underscored the continuing dehumanization of African American” (Wilkson et al. p.16) The authors explain how dehumanization still exist today with the conditions faced by minorities, African Americans in general, due to their past of being enslaved. Due to their past in which they were…show more content…
Butler explains in her novel how people learned to cope with their situation due to the fact that they had no control of the situation by explaining further, “Books had not taught her why so many slaves accepted their condition, nor had books defined the kind of bravery possible in the humiliating situation of being owned” (Butler p.277). The minorities possessed fear in them due to the consequences they might face if they had question authority or had defied them by escaping. They coped with the harshest condition due to the simple fact of not having another option but in doing so. She explains how even though they weren’t brave enough to leave they were plenty brave in order to stay. This, however, lead to a trauma effect which leads minorities to not be equal in today’s world because of the stress they face due to the inability to successfully stand up to authority or lack of courage to escape. The authors of Residual Effects of Slavery: What Clinicians Need to Know explain the affect that slavery in the past can still have a crippling effect on minorities today by stating “Examination of the ways that various historical traumas affect clinical population should be considered an area of future research” (Wilkson et al. p.16). Research has been done to prove that slavery in the past still
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