Resilience In Ed Roberts, Jason Zimmerman, And Frederick Douglass

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Many people have different adjectives and phrases to answer the question “what is resilience” but each answer is the same. People know what it means to be resilient, but there are not many resilient people in the world. Not many people could get beaten, verbally abused, and come back against all the odds. To be resilient people need to keep their dignity and their pride and that is exactly what Louis Zamperini, Ed Roberts, Jason Zimmerman, and Frederick Douglass did. These four men had all the odds against them with so much suffering, but they rolled up their sleeves and fought through that pain because they are the true definition of resilience. Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity, fear, and show strength. Many people run away from fear, it is the one thing many hope they never have to encounter. Fear makes people buckle and waver not wanting to fight against it. It is those who are truly resilient like Jason Zimmerman and Frederick Douglass, who faced more fear than anyone could imagine, but still fought through that fear because they are the true definition of resilience. Jason Zimmerman, who was first a cancer patient at the age of six months had so much fear to overcome. Instead of faltering to the fear of death, he “grit his teeth through the grueling treatment”. Those who are resilient even with the fear of death will try everything possible to live, whether it is choosing the most painful treatment possible or fighting back. Not only did Jason
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