Resilience In Macbeth And Lord Of The Flies

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Resilience, it’s the ability to return to it’s original state even after being pulled, stretched, pressed, or bent. If you’re resilient it means you’re adaptable and tend to “bounce back” after certain horrific situations. In books like Macbeth and Lord of the Flies, they showcase the ideas of how they see resilience in their own perspectives. We might as well have even experienced something in our lives that should be classified as traumatic but because we’re strong, we handled the situation well and continue to live past it. The Lord of the Flies, in my opinion, is a pretty messed up book now that you think about it. One of the boys in the book, Piggy, is a good example of a resilient person because he went through a lot. Throughout the book he is constantly being taken advantage of and being stepped over by all the other boys, like how they always steal his glasses away from him without permission for their own good. But, that doesn’t change how he’s always trying to put order in the group, he never gives up even after their chaotic acts of killing Simon. Honestly, if I was in that kind of situation, I would’ve given up on them a long time ago because they just seemed hopeless in the way of their actions. Resilience is tied with traumatic experiences and Macbeth is…show more content…
You begin the game experiencing the moment of her gaining her time powers with her, she can go back in time so she can change her actions as well as the future. She quickly adapts to this and uses it for good or for worse because her “actions will have consequences” as the game constantly reminds you. Throughout the five episodes in the game she witnesses Chloe die multiple time but after a while she accepts that her faith is to die. But, she doesn’t give up and remains herself because she won’t be weak and even becomes stronger as the story

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