Resilience In Our Life

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People face diverse type of life events in their different life’s periods. Some events can let us feel cheerful such as a sweet marriage, even getting a small encouragement from others; some of them can be risk or trauma for us that let us feel loss. Most people are lived under at least one violent or life-threatening in their lives (Ozer, Best, Lipsey & Weiss, 2003), so we cannot avoid that there are some events which can make serious impact in our lives. Resilience is the key element for us to overcome challenges and pain in our lives.

Resilience is defined by Walsh as “the ability of an individual to overcome life’s challenges, to rebound from adversity, and grow stronger as a result of dealing with crisis” (Walsh, 1998). Masten also pointed
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Base on Richardson’s Resilience Model (Richardson, 2002), we can know more about how resilience operate and how people react with different level of resilience. Before risk or challenge comes, we all stay at “Bio-psyhco-spiritual homeostasis “. In that state, we feel most comfortable, no matter our physical or mental feelings, since we completely adapt our surroundings. When some changes occur in our lives, our stable state are destroyed but there are some protective factors of resilience can reduce the impact. This process is called “Disruption”. Then, we will move to “Reintegration” stage. There are four ways we can reintegrate to which base on our level of resilience. For the people who have high resilience, they can rebound to the comfort zone (homeostasis) that same with before since they adapt the changes. Not only this, some of them can even do better than the past that they can earn something new from the adversity. It is called “Resilience Reintegration”. On the other hand, people who have low level of resilience will reintegrate with loss. That means the changes in their lives can bring some negative effects to them but just for short period, for example, feeling anxious for few days or weeks. However, some of them may get the serious destructive impacts for their lives from the adversity. This situation is called “Dysfunctional Reintegration”.…show more content…
For example, some participants claimed they kept relation with peer, even peer’s parents, as parental characteristics can be found from these people, so that they can earn sense of security from others. Religions able some participant get mental healing as well. It is also showed that lots of participants become more independent and mature after the death of parent. They would like to bear more responsibilities that they would not undertake before such as looking after younger siblings, even surviving parent. Moreover, more participants treasure the life and time than the past after the death of parent. They learnt how to appreciate others and how to keep positive mind in daily life. That was what Walsh say, resilience able the participants to grow stronger when they lived under the pain (Walsh, 1998).Concluding the result of the study, some protective factors of resilience can be found based on the participants’ experience such as past experience, religions or believes, goals and social support (including family and peer relationship).These factors help us to adapt and deal with different life events more quickly and
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