The Importance Of Organizational Commitment

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Introduction: Researchers have highlighted that commitment has a great impact on the successful performance of an organization. According to Givens (2008), for developing organizational commitment among employees; employers or consult authorities should try to develop motivation of their employees to do something, and develop the awareness that they do have the ability to achieve the goals. Furthermore, Teachers should make their employees imagine appealing future outcomes. It reflects that for organizational commitment a person must have the ability to understand his abilities and must have positive ideas about future outcomes. Building on Givens’ argument, the present study is an empirical effort to examine positive psychology, we define…show more content…
That is, attitudinal commitment exists when “the identity of the person (is linked) to the organization” (Sheldon, 1971, p. 143) or when “the goals of the organization and those of the individual become increasingly integrated or congruent” (Hall et al., 1970, p. 176). Attitudinal commitment thus represents a state in which an individual identifies with a particular organization and its goals and wishes to maintain membership in order to facilitate these goals. As noted by March and Simon (1958), such commitment often encompasses an exchange relationship in which individuals attach themselves to the organization in return for certain rewards or payments from the organization.It is with this second approach to organizational commitment that we 226 mowday. steers, and porter are largely concerned, although our definition will include some aspects of commitment-related behaviors. For purposes of instrument development, organizational commitment was defined here as the relative strength of an individual’s identification with and involvement in a particular organization (Porter & Smith, Note 4). It can be characterized by at least three related factors: (1) a strong belief in and acceptance of the organization’s goals and values; (2) a willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf of the organization; and (3) a strong desire to maintain membership in the…show more content…
Simply put, positive psychology is concerned with people’s strengths (rather than weaknesses and dysfunctions) and how they can grow and thrive (rather than be fixed or maintained). Positive psychology does not claim to have discovered the value of positivity, but rather the intent is to simply shift to a more balanced focus of understanding and developing what is also right with people and how they can

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