Resiliency In The Movie Bullie

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The movie Wonder is about Auggie who is a home schooled middle-schooler that has severe facial deformities. He underwent multiple plastic surgeries, but his face was still not what people considered normal. Auggie decides to attend a public school for the first time and he faces many challenges throughout the first year. His classmates stare and his teachers are not sure how to handle the situation. He is bullied and blind sighted by a boy who was supposed to be his best friend. He sits at the lunch table alone and feels everyday that is just wants to be normal. In the end, Auggie was able to show his classmates and teachers what it means to be kind and everyone loves him. This movie shows resiliency because Auggie has to over come many challenges that all middle-schoolers face and the added complications that his facial deformities presented. Besides all these problems Auggie was able to preserve with the help of his family and imagination. Stories are a way a family can build resilience because they make up stories to why things happened or to make sense of what is happening. Auggie used the story that he was an astronaut in order to escape his every day complications and find happiness. His family supports this story because they give him an astronaut helmet that he uses to feel like he is normal. Throughout the movie when Auggie wants to escape reality a cartoon appears of Auggie being an astronaut and going on adventures. Families use belief systems in
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