Resistance Against Child Abuse In William Blake's Poetry

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The movement is generally believed to be initiated by William Blake 's works, and later developed by some poets as William Wordsworth, Lord Byron and John Keats. Romanticists had a different look of all aspects of life such as music, arts and literature. They had a major impact on historiography, education, and the natural sciences. They had their own point of view in politics, economics, and literature.

Romanticism was "Partly as a reaction against the blatant materialism of that decade, partly as a general disillusionment over the war and former ideals, partly as a result of the growing complexity of modern life, Americans began turning away from physical orientation to become more introspective. As this happened the American mind, for the
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Resistance is the refusal to accept or agree with something or an idea, it is an effort made to stop, fight or even attack someone or something. Resistance is to prevent something from having an effect.

"The fascination with childhood and the desire to recapture apprehension of the world are key features in any definition of romanticism. It is often claimed that the image of the romantic child has been a key point of reference for the birth of children literature since the beginning of the nineteenth century ". Webb 82.

Child abuse is a physical, emotional, psychological or sexual mistreatment and neglect. Child abuse can happen in schools, communities, homes and any place the child may interact with. Many law have been put to face child abuse and its dangerous effect. Child neglect is the failure of the child parent, or any other person who is with responsibility to take care of him, to provide him needed food, clothing, medical care, safety, it is a lack of attention from the child parents, relatives or teachers. Some of the observable results of child neglect are frequently absent from school, steal food and money and wearing a dirty
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