Resistance In Harriet Maribal's In The Time Of Butterflies

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Overall the outcomes of women in resistance is very positive. Though getting to there goal had cost the lives of many women and the torture of thousands. Without their sacrifices and the help from some countries such as East Timor, Greece, or USA get to where they are today. East Timor had finally gained their independence after the massacre of thousands that was covered up, but brought to the world from the resistance. World powers saw what actions and took action in gaining their independence back as well as supporting them military. In East Timor, had lost thousands of people during the rule of Indonesia and caused a somewhat hostile anger towards them because of their actions they took to put down the resistance and their treatment of women. Till this day,…show more content…
Harriet had helped slaves escape their masters and flee towards the North via the Underground Railroad. She had saved thousands of lives and risked her life to cross the border multiple times in order to give others the chance of a better future, and freedom. Women like Harriet aren’t always recognized in large manners, but looking at history itself, women have made a huge impacts in their lives and changing the world around them. Their contribution lead to freedom for slaves during the civil war. In the novel, In the time of butterflies, Maribal’s sisters had a tragic ending in which 3 of the 4 sisters were killed for being in the resistance against the regime. However their stories and actions were told by their youngest sister Dede. Dede brought their story and death to light as well as their hopes and dreams they had fought their life for. As Patria mentioned of creating a world without corruption and tyranny for the their future children. The Mirabal sisters threw their lives on the line by joining the underground resistance against the Regime of Trujilo and sacrificed everything to get a better
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