Resistance To Change Analysis

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Tools/Elements to Combat Resistance Organizational Change



Date Introduction
Change is an ongoing process in the organizations that is necessary to keep businesses competitive in the global business environment. Resistance to Change is the concept in which, people want to maintain and protect their status quo. It is the human tendency of the people to resist the change within the organization. There are various factors due to which, organizations have to make changes in its working structure (Burke, Lake & Paine, 2012). By means of this paper, different tools and elements to combat resistance to organizational change are discussed. Along with this, the most important elements that are essential in all the situations
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It is asserted by Ford & Ford (2009) that an innovative training program enables the employees to polish their hidden skills and characters to cope with the change. In the training programs, the employees will learn about the significance of change for the organization as well as their personal development.
Additionally, training and development programs also facilitate the managers to improve knowledge of the employees about the new change process, so that they will adapt the change in a positive manner. In these programs, the employees can become familiar with change and will accept it with a thought of growth. For example, if a firm wants to execute a new e-CRM process and employee resists because they have fear to do not work properly with the new technology. In the training process, they can develop their skills of working with e-CRM
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After creating familiarity and understanding with the change, the emotional aspects create resistance to change. Different ideologies and lack socialization resist the employees to change. Entrusting the process of change requirements such as change in the rules and regulations, policies of the firm might affect the emotional perspectives and values of the employees. Consequently, they resist adoption of change (Fiedler, 2010). Thus, manager should focus on the emotional aspects and create a bond of trust and relationship with the employees so that they will adopt change with a proactive
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