Resistance To Change

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At this time of global recession, organizations facing extremely critical challenge such as recovering from recession as well as dynamics of globalization which has put pressure on business organizations for being competitive in the market. Work Engagements and dynamic business world pushes organizations to undergo change processes more often these days especially with the rapid advancements in technology. Various scholars like Andrew and Sofian, (2012) highlighted the association between employees’ behavior, attitudes and engagement and change management in their research studies. It is observed that the behavior and attitudes of employee has become as a serious driving force of effective change management implementation which
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It is observed that when if the expected resistance to change is properly planned by the organizations will allow the companies’ management to manage various objections effectively.
Reasons for Resistance to change management
The understanding of most common reason of employees how object to change implementation in companies is very important is order to deal and tackle with the resistance to changes. Moreover, it also gives an opportunity to the companies’ management to plan change strategy in an effective and efficient ways.
Misunderstanding about the need of change
The first reason that plays its role in resisting change implementation is that in most cases, the employees of the organizations do not understand the reasons for implementation of change. They need to know why the change management is being implemented or why the management of companies needs to implement changes. If staff does not understand the reasons for change management, they obviously react and the company will expect resist towards change from them. The proper engagement of employees is very important in this
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The employees think that wont to able to make the transitions very well because of their lack of competencies. So, the lack of competencies of the employees also a one reason of their resistance towards change implementation.
As business environments are experiencing so much change in recent days, therefore organizations must learn in order to become more comfortable with change. It is considered that the ability for management and adaptation to organizational change is a fundamental capacity that is needed in the workplace today (Gill, 2002). The organizations despite of hiring competent management must also consider for the abilities and skills of the employees. They need to train their employees in order to accept change management practices.
Connected to the Old way
In some cases, the employees are seen to be emotionally connected towards old methods, therefore the show their resistance towards change implementation. In this regard, the organizations management should consider such emotional connection fo employees before implementation of change as this factor could hinder the implementation of changes in
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