Resistance To Change In The Workplace Essay

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Change is everywhere. There are changes at homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and many other places around the world. Many people implement change for the better, but there are others who see change as breaking a habit. An individual 's resistance to change can be caused by many reasons. Change can be both good and bad. While some individuals may be open to new opportunities because of change, it can also create disapprovals from individuals who are defiant. According to Heathfield (n.d), resistance to change is taking action to resist adaptation or transformations that changes the status quo in the workplace. Employees can show that they do not like or want a change and become resistant publicly and verbally. Some employees feel uncomfortable about change and make it known during conversations at work. Whenever there 's a new change at the workplace, it is always known whether or not an employee is resistant to change through workplace gossips or by an employee 's actions while performing his or her duties.
There are many other behaviors of an unpleasant reaction to change. Some behaviors are hostility, loud outbursts, and increased absenteeism. I have witnessed some of my coworkers gossiping
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According to Adenle (2011), bad management is one of the major reasons why individuals resist change at the workplace. Change resistance are created whenever management refuse to communicate what, when, how, why, and who. Sometimes it is how, when, and why management does it that creates resistance to change. In most workplaces, many employees do what they are accustomed to because they feel more comfortable and secure with their previous routines. If doing what they are accustom of doing from the past worked best for them, then they may more than likely resist change. Familiar routines help employees develop a sense of control over their work environment. Having to change certain routines make employees feel as though they have no power and leave them confounded as

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