Resistance To Change Management

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Resistance to change is defined as the act of opposing or struggling with modifications that alter the status quo (Heathfield, 2017). According to Straker (n.d.) resistance to change is normally due to a perceived threat to the individual, however, this threat does not have to be real or big for resistance to occur. In organizations, employee resistance is regarded as one of the major causes of failure of change initiatives (Wittig, 2012). In this paper I discuss my results from the resistance to change questionnaire and my recent involvement in a change situation within my organization.
According to the interpretation of my resistance to change questionnaire results; my overall approach to change tends to be positive
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This can also give managers and insight into employee reactions to change and how to better manage successful organizational change. On the whole, employee reactions are key to driving successful organizational change and communication is fundamental to managing these reactions.
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