Resistance Varies In Mike's Conducting Air

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1. Describe the relationship between intrapulmonary pressure, atmospheric pressure, and air flow during normal inspiration and expiration, referring to Boyle’s law.

- Boyles law states that as the pressure of gas increases then the volume of gas decreases. Which is how intrapulmonary and atmospheric pressure are connected to one another. Intrapulmonary pressure is lower while undergoing inspiration and higher than atmospheric pressure during the time of expiration.

2. Resistance varies in Mike’s conducting airways. Using your understanding of respiratory anatomy, explain where in his airway the resistance is highest and why.

- Destruction of the elastic tissue in the lungs causes airway resistance to be the highest because it supports the airways to
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When Mike is experiencing an asthmatic attack, his forced vital capacity (FVC) is 65%, and his FEV1 is 65%. Are these values normal? Knowing how one performs FVC tests, explain these test results in Mike’s case. (Assume that Mike and the doctor have performed an accurate test.)

- Forced vital capacity is used performed while an asthma attack is occurring because it is used to measure the maximum volume of air that can be forcefully pushed out from inflated lungs. Normal ranges for FVC readings are between 80% and 100%. Mike has a reading of 65% which would be considered abnormal. Mike’s bronchoconstriction is causing reduced airflow, so he is unable to produce enough air.

7. Albuterol is a selective beta-2 adrenergic agonist, which means it specifically activates beta-2 adrenergic receptors on smooth muscle in the airways. How does this improve Mike’s asthma?

- Albuterol is used to relax the muscles that are in the bronchioles to relieve breathing. It relaxes smooth muscle by decreasing the calcium ions. Calcium ions are necessary to produce muscle contraction. It improves Mike’s asthma because it is relaxing his smooth muscle, which allows for a clear pathway for airflow to help him breath
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