A Case Study Of J. P. Morgan Company

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1. Executive Summary–Clearly states ideas. Does it invite further interest? 10 / ____7_
There is further interest in regards to the treatment and advancing the Resistex drug. This is mainly because of the competitive advantage that it has in regards to having being patented worldwide. It enables the protection thus making it hard to be imitated. It will hit the market fast because bacterial infections are on the rise and people are looking for new methods to combat them. Investors will be lured because it appeals to the consumer due to its cheapness and it is ability to outdo last resort drugs, which lack novelty and fast action. There is a future in the company since there is an ongoing research on its development.
1. Communication of core business concepts (mission, objectives, value, technology,potential competitive advantage)
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The business will grow beyond by depending on its partnerships from lawyers, research institutes, and grants.
6. Implementation plan - Realistic timeline. Implementation issues understood. 10 / _7____
Entry into the market will be established in the American Society for Microbiology Conference in 2017 where many professionals and industry players will attend. The J.P Morgan annual Health Conference will be the next place for exposure that the company will attend. The issues implemented would revolve around the pricing operations from the raw materials to the production, protection, and sales. This will be in regards to the discovery, preclinical, clinical, and post-marketing phases.
7. Management capability – Can the management team deliver. Are sufficient advisors being put into place? 10 /

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