Bauchine's Three Resnet Projects

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ResNet started because Northwest airlines were losing lots of money in the reservation call center. Northwest airlines objective was fixing the financial difficulties in the 1990s. Fay Bauchine selected Peeter Kivestu to be the project manager for ResNet. The reasons why he selected Peeter Kivestu were that he knew the business, he understood the technology, and knew how to use the technology to improve the business. Initiating ResNet had many difficulties, so they divided into three projects. Each project was unique, with a definite start and end. In addition, all three projects had a different scope, time, and cost goal. The three projects were the ResNet Beta project, the ResNet Phase I, and the ResNet Phase II. For every ResNet project,…show more content…
Peeter wanted the ResNet Beta project to be completed by August of 1994. This made it difficult for Arvid, to create a project plan. Arvid then recruited people from different department. Three important decisions were made when planning the ResNet Beta project; the three decisions were focusing on deliverables and results, Kathy Christenson team participation in defining the requirements for the software, and having several engineers measure the project. For the ResNet 1995 planning, the team had to create a plan for installing PCs in different sales offices. In order to complete the plan, Arvid had to check with the key stakeholders including the IS department to develop the plans. A tool used for ResNet 1995 and 1996 project planning was Microsoft project. The ResNet team created and followed successful strategies for all three…show more content…
He focused on meeting schedule dates, and on business needs. In order to be on schedule people had to work extra time on certain things without being paid. Overall, Peeters Kivestu strategy worked throughout ResNet. During the ResNet project there were meeting with member to deal with any potential scope changes. To control quality the industrial engineers took important actions. They created reports; the organized reports measured the quality and progress of ResNet. The ResNet team created a weekly status report indicating the milestone, issues, accomplishments, and goals. This weekly status report was useful to inform stakeholders of the ResNet progress. In the ResNet project, the change management process was important for managing the project and ensuring its success. Lastly, Nancy Strobel and her team were in charge to help people get involved, prepare, and deal with the changes resulting from new reservation system. These steps were the ones the team took to control the ResNet

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