Respect And Betrayal In Macbeth

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King is the highest honor someone could have during this time, with that comes respect and loyalty. The king is highly venerated and held at almost a holy standard. One would expect that someone who loves their country would also love their king. Often times the reason for someone not liking their king is the way they rule. Speaking in terms of the play Macbeth, Duncan-the king of Scotland- rules justly and fairly, but he still has plenty of traitors within his group of trusted men. Macbeth only becomes Thane of Cawdor, because of a traitor, but he himself later becomes a traitor. In the beginning it was easy for Macbeth to fight for his king and to honor the name of the man who ruled his land, but once he finds out his future, his entire mindset changes. Macbeth fights and wins a battle in favor for Scotland and king Duncan. A few hours after the battle, the Weird Sisters tell Macbeth what his future looks like. He becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming king and one can sense his thirst for power. He …show more content…

With help from his wife, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan a murder and with a little hoaxing from his wife, Macbeth pulls it off. The King plans to dine at the Macbeths’ mansion and plans to stay the night. Duncan feels safe going to stay in the castle of someone who protected him just hours before, but he does not know their fatal plan. The plan involves getting the guards of the king’s room drunk and planting the bloody murder weapon next to them. This will make it look like Macbeth has nothing to do with the treasonous act of killing the ruler. “Why did you bring these daggers from the place? They must lie there. Go carry them and smear The sleepy grooms with blood” (Shakespeare II. ii. 61-64). Macbeth brings the daggers to their room and lady Macbeth is upset that he has not followed the plan, and he risks people seeing it was him who committed

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