Respect From Your Kids Essay

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How to Get Respect from Your Kids Respect is a very valuable attitude you can teach your kids. The lack of it guarantees that your kids will be in constant discord with others. They need to show respect to others in order for them to become successful adults. As their parents, you are the first people they spend time with. They need to practice respect towards you first before they can practice it towards other people. Your kids need to have respect for you, for peers, for people of authority, and even for themselves. You send your kids to the best schools because you believe it will build their sense of respect. What you should be thinking is your children should learn respect from you. Unless they learn respect from you, they will not show…show more content…
There are many ways that you can show your children how to be respectful. Be attentive and watch for opportunities to give praise and recognition to your children. If you witness them doing something right like sharing a cookie with their sibling, make them feel that it is a very good gesture. Make a big deal of their wonderful action. On the other hand, when they do something wrong, don’t be too hard on them. While it is wrong to be permissive, it is not right to scold them for their mistakes either. The best way to teach them that being disrespectful is not allowed is by giving them the chance of starting over. Teach them the golden rule: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Keep yourself from gossiping about your coworkers at home. Don’t talk bad about your in-laws within your children’s earshot. Failing at this will let your children know that talking about people behind their backs is okay. They will not believe it is bad if you keep doing it. Lastly, you can teach your children to be trustworthy by being a credible parent. Keep your promises as a way of showing them respect. If for some reason you are going to break a promise, make them understand by explaining clearly and
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