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The respect of human rights is a central feature of a constitutional democracy. Human rights protect people from the actions of those who exercise power over them and helps to create a world in which a person could reach his full potential as a human being. We are entitled to have our human rights protected and promoted simply because human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This means that human status whether its nationality place of residence, color, sex, Ethnic color, religion or any other status humans are all entitled to fundamental human rights. Democracy insures that no one is subjected to violating human dignity and rights. Human rights are inalienable and fundamental rights in which humans is inherently entitled simply for being human. Human rights follow many core principles which describes how these rights work and apply. First of all human rights are inalienable which…show more content…
To propel this objective, the UN built up a Commission on Human Rights and accused it of the errand of drafting a record explaining the significance of the central rights and flexibilities announced in the Charter. The Commission, guided by Eleanor Roosevelt 's compelling authority, caught the world 's consideration.

On December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was embraced by the 56 individuals from the United Nations. The vote was consistent, albeit eight countries went without.

The UDHR, regularly alluded to as the global Magna Carta, expanded the transformation in worldwide law introduced by the United Nations Charter – to be specific, that how an administration treats its own nationals is currently a matter of true blue universal concern, and not just a household issue. It guarantees that all rights are related and unbreakable. Its Preamble expressively affirms

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