HS 1021: Development Of Relationship Centred Practice

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HS 1021- Development of Relationship Centred Practice
INTRODUCTION: In this essay I will consider how I would use a nursing concept, respect whilst undertaking elimination needs. I will give clear definition of the concept (respect) and a nursing skill of my choice which is elimination needs. I will also, identify how the concept and skill is relevant in nursing. The main part of the assignment is to outline how respect would influence how elimination needs is undertaken in placement. Elimination covers wide ranges of aspect, such as urine, faeces, diarrhoea, emptying a catheter bag, vomiting etc. According to Perry, Peterson, and Potter (2003), normal elimination of the body wastes through the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts is a basic function that most people take for granted. Therefore, when either system fail, normal elimination does not take place.
Elimination of liquid and solid waste products is normal routine and ordinary, except a change in habits or illness arises. Changes in bowel or bladder may be signs of illness or may be change of habit (drinking or eating). These changes may cause an illness. Assessing the patient’s products of elimination (urine and/or faces), assisting the clients who is facing a problem with these functions, observing his/her bladder and bowel function are essential nursing responsibilities.
Clearly defined the concept:
Although the definition of respect is subjective to individuals, the Cambridge dictionary (2018), defines

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