Why It Is Important To Respect Others Essay

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To start, what is respect? Respect is a deep regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others. Respect is admiration as well as courtesy. Respect is shown by encouragement, congratulations, listening during a conversation, helpfulness, and just straight up politeness. Respectfulness often expresses a person 's feelings or wishes. Respecting someone can also bond people together, as it is something that creates peace between two realms. Disrespect, on the other hand, is something that tears two (or more) realms apart. It means to show a lack of respect or courtesy, which is exactly what creates conflict. Also, does the community, honestly, depend on respect? Or is that just what people say to obtain respect from others? Here is another…show more content…
As you are falling asleep, a young boy starts to vigorously kick the back of your seat. You are immediately annoyed. You then, don’t want to be rude by turning around to yell at the kid, so you plug in your earbuds, hoping that the chaos stops behind you. After about fifteen minutes, you start to think about what the boy’s mother next to him is thinking about her son’s disrespectful behavior. You know that if you were his mother, you would immediately stop the actions that your son is doing. You are now just hoping that the mother will tell her son to stop kicking so you can finally take your well-deserved nap. When you think about it, the boy in the seat behind you is not the only person who is being disrespectful. The mother is too, because she is not bothering to do anything about her son. The mother is responsible for her son (particularly when he is that young) and his actions, so, if the mother does not respect your wishes, like sleeping, then you won’t sleep because she doesn 't take the time to
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