Respect To Respect Others

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Respect Respect means a feeling that is felt inside the heart, and it is admiration for someone or something educed by their abilities, qualities or achievements. Respect is what everyone wants, but a lot of people don’t have, and few of them have. What I admire most from someone is how they respect other people. I think to respect a person means that no matter what their race is, what their religion is, or what decision they want to make, we have to show them kindness and benevolence. I was raised in a family that values respect a lot, and my parents taught me to respect oneself , to respect others, and to respect property. Everyone wants and deserves to be respected; if you respect someone that means you show integrity to them.
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Respect toward elders is very important, because they have experience and we can learn a lot of things from them. Respecting other people’s opinion may often make the person feel honored. Respecting others can mean showing admiration towards them, and it can also mean showing honor toward that person. Respect toward a person may bring love and people together. Many families don’t teach their children what is respect at home and what value it has. They learn nothing from home, but they pick it up from the streets. They disrespect their teachers, parents and also their friends. They can disrespect you and they can still feel comfortable, like nothing happened. The only way to make them know the value of respect is by respecting them, so they learn from your…show more content…
I think respecting yourself is the most important thing .if you respect yourself, people can know that by the way you look, and the way you behave in front of them. You can get a lot of friends because they will know that if someone respects himself they can be respected too. Another thing is respecting others, if you respect them you will be loved, honored and gets attention from the ones you respect. What I learned from my dad is respecting property of other people. If he didn’t beat me that day, I could not know the value of other’s
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