Respect Towards Our Parents

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It’s All About Respect. We have all noticed at some point that the way we treat our parents is way different from the way we treat other people. It surely crossed our mind at least once that we owe them life, but what do they ask for in return? I remember that once, when visiting my grand –parents, I saw my father kissing my grandmother’s forehead; I was amazed to be honest, for I thought only children had to do this. It was only after a while that I noticed that it wasn’t a matter of age, but that the attitude of respect shown in this gesture was linked to the special relationship that connects parents and their children. Indeed, Moroccan children consider showing respect towards the parents mandatory.
First, we have to acknowledge that it’s not until the last years that parents gradually started using less violence in educating their
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In a first place, education plays a big role in this process. Children nowadays go to school at an early age, they get to know languages and be more opened to other cultures where respect toward the parents isn’t necessarily a behavior that all kids adopt. They see western children being rebels trough series, movies and other forms of media that accentuate the effect of globalization ad lead a person to lose its real identity. Secondly, less violence being use lead to a more open relationships with the parents, and thus, destructed the boundaries respect used to establish

Charad 3 between them. Parents are closer to the kids, they talk them through different problems and try to make their relationship more of a friendship. It’s important to care about the child’s psychological conditions, isn’t

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