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To what extent does “How to be a Respectable Junkie” by Greg Vovos humanize the experience of addiction, and what implications does this have for reducing the stigma? How does it inspire those who are struggling with addiction to seek help?

Addiction is often misunderstood and stigmatized by the average person, who views it as a personal failing or moral weakness destined for society's lowest of the low. This perception, characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and harmful behavior, has far reach consequences as it discourages those suffering from addiction from seeking help. However, Gregory Vovos’ “How to Be a Respectable Junkie” showcases a unique perspective of the life of an addict. Through his play, Vovos humanizes the experience of …show more content…

Vovos challenges the common stereotypes about addiction and highlights the complexities of the multifaceted condition that affects an individual's life. He avoids the misconception of a typical low life and, instead, portrays Brian as something more, a person dealing with psychological, social, and emotional issues. In addition to showcasing the inner conflicts within Brian, it also shows the struggles and challenges he faces with his isolation from his family, his inability to stay clean, and the constant pressure society has put on shaming his actions. This nuance is evident from his line in the play, “I’m a human being.” In this way, Vovos serves to humanize the experience of addiction by emphasizing the need for compassion and empathy for those who struggle with the …show more content…

Brian recognizes this and expresses his self-awareness that he did not have control over his usage despite his initial belief that he did. The play further humanizes Brian’s addiction by exposing his inner struggles and emotional turmoil. This could be seen when he reflects on his old job - “I hate the way people look at me. Like I’m some kind of monster. Like I chose to become this. Like I enjoy it”. Vovos highlights the feelings of shame and frustration towards the negative perceptions and stereotypes surrounding his condition, which can prove to be a significant hindrance to his recovery. He feels isolated, that everyone views him as monstrous, living a life of misery without a single consideration of his perspective. This stigma around drug addicts deprives his life, reducing him to this negative stereotype. Brian expresses a sense of powerlessness over his addiction. This portrayal of him highlights the conflicting emotions that addicts struggle with and serves as a poignant reminder to provide a more supportive and understanding environment for those struggling. By addressing this, Vovos shines more light on understanding the disease and makes an essential step in reducing the adverse effects of

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