Respectable Language In A Clockwork Orange

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All forms of art are commonly interpreted differently based on varied ethnicity, language, culture, age, race etcetera. Novels have constantly been in the limelight for featuring content that is unsettling to certain people. My essay aims to explore how A Clockwork Orange can be read and interpreted differently by readers in liberal democratic nations and readers in communist nations. A Clockwork Orange is Anthony Burgess 's revolt towards indoctrination and governmental repression. The novel stunned the populace with its worrisome concept of absolute political power governing and domineering a social order. Originally published in 1961, the novel was banned in many schools due to claims of “objectionable language”. The novel’s unsettling content elicits different emotions when read by different readers across the world. The dystopian story narrates the immoral escapades of the novel’s protagonist Alex, a fifteen year old adolescent and the leader of a juvenile gang in a futuristic London. He is portrayed to be naturally inclined towards feelings of evil which is later forcefully repressed by the government. One can relate his resistance…show more content…
Alex is the victim of a fierce, uncanny absence of freedom. He endeavours to abstain from this by lashing out at the government by hurting others but ultimately ends up as another of the government’s identical casualties. Alex conflict is powered by his inability to admit that the citizens are ignorant of their maltreatment. As quoted from F. Alexander in the book “The tradition of liberty means all. The common people will let it go, oh yes. They will sell liberty for a quieter life. That is why they must be prodded, prodded—” Conceivably providing an explanation that the more the public fears reprimand by the government, the easier it is for them to agree to its supremacy in order to lead a stable life. Burgess representation of a maleficent government while comprehensible by the Democrats isn’t really understood by the

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