Respecting Patient Professionalism

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Respecting patients’ choices: my understanding about professionalism

“From research to clinic, and apply research on clinic” could summarize the unconventional career path that I would like to adapt throughout my life as a prospective physician. Devoting my career to the well-being of women, especially women in need before and during pregnancy, is my ultimate goal and the powerful motivation that encourages me to step into the medical field.
Before I was admitted to AUC as a medical student, I have been working as a scientist and researcher in the field of reproductive medicine for nearly 10 years. During my Ph.D. and postdoctoral training, I systematically studied the development of maternal-fetal interface during healthy pregnancy as well as the pathophysiology of several infertility-related diseases such as endometriosis and ectopic pregnancy.
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The husband thought abortion would be a better choice; however, the young women strongly opposed it as she believed that no abortion should be applied in any circumstances. My supervisor explicated the outcome for both procedures and emphasized the potential burden for the family to raise a baby with anencephaly with short projected lifespan, and the young women insisted to keep the baby. Though knowing all the difficulties medically and emotionally, my supervisor gave the best care he could to the young women, and she had a successful delivery.
I started to realize that professionalism was not only about what might be “the best” choice clinically but also about what might be the most respectful way for the patient. Studying medicine may be a challenging process for everyone, and maintaining professionalism throughout the practice would not be easy; however, I believe, with the influence of great role model, training and practicing in clinical professionalism would for sure assist me in facing further challenges in my future medical
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