Respirator's Argument Against Euthanasia

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Suffering from the poor degree of health condition is the worst thing that one could ever live with. My ideology concerning euthanasia is that it should be one’s freedom of choice for making decision for their lives. Can you perceive patients with lost hope and living within loneliness with the forever pain that never seem endless? I have perceived one with my own precise eyes the pain of my grandfather in my early ages of ten. Living with diabetes, my grandfather was a healthy and happy man, despite one day he stepped on the nail at his work of carpentering. The worst thing for any diabetic patients would be to have a cut in the leg, likewise which exactly happened with my grandpa. In few minutes later, his friends rushed him to the hospital;…show more content…
Beside my stand, others believes Physicians and other medical care people should not involve themselves indirectly causing death; however, if they will not be willing to provide a way to relieve extreme pain when a person 's quality of life is low, then what is the meaning of freedom of choice for citizen is when they cannot choose the right for themselves. Even though, the author had “dreamed of disconnecting” her patient’s respirator, yet every day she forced to “make her death impossible and her life unbearable” (Page 458). As the Physician she “ feel differently toward her than the father toward his son”, and that is why the author did not takes off the respirator; knowing, it would be an easy way for killing the women, since never have the same emotional connection as the father (page 458). Finally, the author never had the admiration feeling for women to be able to convict a murder just as the father has done for his infant. Risking one’s life for someone else is not supporting euthanasia, yet giving peace to those painful souls one’s should not have the guilt to live
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