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My favorite body system is the respiratory system. I love it because it is so important to the body. Without it, people would not live. We need oxygen to live, and the respiratory systems gives us this oxygen.
The respiratory system is very intriguing. It plays different roles in the body. Without the respiratory system no one would able to live. I chose the respiratory system because that is what I want to go into when I am older. Respiratory is exciting because you can hear the different sounds that the lungs can make. If someone is sick a person might hear a crackling. Some other sounds are wheezing, rhonchi, stridor, and rales. The respiratory system works along side with the cardiovascular system, allowing oxygenated blood into the body.
The respiratory system is located inside of the thoracic cavity. The thoracic cavity is enclosed by the ribs, vertebral column, and sternum. This cavity contains the lungs, heart, and major blood vessels which carry blood to
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They also vary on how severe they can be. A common disease of the respiratory system is the common cold. If a person smokes, they are at a higher chance to get emphysema, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Pulmonary emphysema occurs when the alveolar walls become thinner and weaker. Destruction of the alveolar capillaries also occurs. COPD is progressive emphysema and/or bronchitis. If a person has COPD they are at a higher chance for osteoporosis. To help with the symptoms of COPD, patients are prescribed corticosteroids. Every different type of disease has different treatments. Most of them include inhalers, or having to breathe the medications in. People with respiratory problems will want to get cured quickly because they want to get back to breathing normally again. When the respiratory system is not working properly, it will affect the heart, and that will affect the quality of life a person is

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