A Career As A Respiratory Therapist

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Nobody is perfect. At some point in our careers and even in our lives, we all have committed a mistake or two –or more. To excel in what you do and become successful in your chosen profession, you must try to improve your skills, aspire to be better and work hard for it. Surely, being a respiratory therapist is a very fulfilling career but along with it comes great responsibility, pressure and working commitments.
Being compassionate to patients and having an aptitude for technology and complex procedures may be essential to become a good respiratory therapist. However, these qualities are not sufficient enough to get to the top of your field. There are still few characteristics you must have to be able perform your duties in the best way possible.
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What could be more rewarding than saving someone else’s life? Respiratory therapists are professionals who work on the front lines of healthcare. They are responsible for assessment, therapeutic intervention and follow-up in a variety of clinical setting such as critical care units, hospital wards, emergency departments, operating rooms and many more. They provide direct patient care for those who have trouble breathing across a broad scope of reasons.
This career comes with a high level of responsibility but then again, the rewards for giving someone the gift of life are hard to overstate. As the elderly population and the number of people who are suffering from various respiratory conditions increases, the need for respiratory care services also increases. Hence, there will be plenty of job opportunities for RTs. Seeing a bright job future lures many people to pursue this profession but aside from that, what else made them decide to become a respiratory
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Want to work in a respected healthcare position
2. Love the money
3. Love saving people’s lives
4. Love working with people
5. Love the challenge
6. Love the feel of the rush during an emergency
7. Like the exercise from all the walking they do
8. Love bantering with patients
9. Love working in an air-conditioned facility
10. Love doing invasive procedures
11. Love helping people breathe better
12. Love the milieu of the hospital
13. The wait to get into nursing school was too long
14. Would rather do PEEP than POOP
15. Love the hours
16. Could start working as soon as you got a degree
17. Knew the boss
18. Thought it would be a good career
19. Accidentally signed up for the wrong class, and decided they liked it
20. RTs were in high demand

…and those were the top reasons why people go into respiratory therapy! Well, for me, I chose to become a respiratory therapist because of #11. How about you guys? Why did you become an RT? COMMENT to let us know!

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