Responment Industry In The Philippines

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Identify a “flagship industry” that the Philippines could promote to compete globally. Use “Porter’s Diamond” or Determinants of National Competitive Advantage to evaluate its global competitiveness. Discuss the challenges it faces as well as the prospects for success in the international arena. What should the government do to support the industry? Tourism is one of the flagship industries of the Philippines. This country, an archipelago with 7,107 islands, has different ecosystems that are homes to different species. Its location in the equator gives it a tropical climate which helps the country produce the best fruits. Aside from those, its tourist spots such as the beaches, mountains, and rainforests make a very pleasing scenic views to…show more content…
Due to the limited space of the country, it cannot accommodate a lot of visitors. Congestion is evident in out tourist sites such as in Boracay. Our facilities that cater the tourists also need improvement. An example is the NAIA airport which is known to be one of the worst airports. Connected to this is the lack of budget. If this will continue, the country will not have any means of improving our services to the tourists. Our tourist attractions such as our national products, biodiversity and destinations will definitely degrade through time. Security is a major issue too. There are numerous kidnapping incidents and sexual trade that are harmful to both the foreigners and Filipinos. Because of the media showcasing these news, these all contribute to the negative views foreigners have towards the…show more content…
Specific local solutions should be made. The government should market our tourist destinations locally and internationally to attract visitors and rebrand our image positively. One commendable act of the Department of Tourism is creating the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign where various tourist destinations are featured along with that caption. Public awareness programs about the country’s beauty will truly encourage companies and people to come and will assure the industry’s sustainability. Aside from that, they must also invest on the conservation, preservation, and improvement of the country’s attractions. The government must strategize on how to maintain and further develop our biodiversity, national products, and cultural background because these are factors that attract tourists. They should encourage investors and innovators in this industry so that the tourism industry will continuously grow and generate better benefits for the country. After defining the roles of the key players and encouraging innovation, they should then plan the long term vision for this industry. Strict regulation laws to maintain the tourist attractions must also be implemented. Examples are putting strict product regulation laws to maintain quality, charging fines to those who litter to promote cleanliness, charging the right offenses to those

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