Response To Amir's Letter To Rahim Khan

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The letter to Amir from Rahim Khan made Amir’s life better. Although it may outwardly seem that Amir was put into another series of difficult decisions and misery, the end result that Amir was desperately struggling to look for is worth it all in the end and Rahim Khan was just there to give him a little push. Rahim knows Amir very well and what he wrote was made with good intentions. Amir is a cowardly person; it’s just who he is, and that he just needed reassuring. Many people may interpret Rahim’s letter as deceptive because he lied about the American couple, but it was the only way Amir would agree to go back to Kabul in the first place. In the letter, Rahim reveals that Hassan had told him about the rape incident. He writes, “You were
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