Response To Conflict

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Response to Conflict
Kyriaun Davis, Liyana Karim, Ciyaliz Manoj, Gavin Hua

Conflicts can’t be averted; they’re a part of life. There are many different ways to deal with conflict, but many disagree on how to resolve it. Although it is true that every situation is different, some methods may be considered extreme. The best way to respond to conflict is with reasoning and civility, but many disagree by saying that the best response to conflict is force and violence. First of all, reasoning would be one approach to solving conflict. “Some teachers quit rather than join the Nazis,” (Where One Burns Books, paragraph 16). If the teachers had fought the Nazis who had more power than they did, things would not have ended well for themselves. Even
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“Terror reigned upon the Jews as Nazis took to the streets with axes, hammers, grenades and guns. According to reports from high Nazi officials, some 20,000 Jews were arrested, 36 killed, and another 36 seriously injured,” (Kristallnacht: The Night Of Broken Glass, paragraph 10). This is an example of how using violence can “resolve” a conflict as it supposedly did for the Nazis. However, this resolution didn’t end up working for the Nazis in the long term, as other countries declared war on Germany when they found out of their actions, which ultimately led to World War II. Similarly, in Where One Burns Books, it states, “In Munich, they broke up teachers’ association meetings and even smashed out the apartment windows of a Latin teacher who had given out low grades. The police were called, but the Nazi Party wouldn’t allow them to arrest Hitler Youth. All the police could do was take down their names. Never before had students felt so much power over adults and school authority,” (Where One Burns Books, paragraph 13). Although this excerpt shows that solving conflict with violence is beneficial if you have power over the other party, that is not the case today. With today’s laws, if one tried to resolve conflict using such brute force, they would receive major negative consequences. Essentially, it is not true that violence is the best resolution to conflict; it is just fuel in the fire and will just aggrandize
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