Response To Edgar Allan Poe's Death

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As he walked out of my office I could not help to reminisce over the appointment. Never have I had such a strange and fascinating patient. As he showed up to my medical office unannounced, however I knew immediately who he was Edgar Allan Poe. I've never had a appointment that felt so long, As I tried to get into the mind of Edgar Allan Poe, it was nearly impossible. As I asked all the regular questions I usually do to my patients, despite the fact I did not realize he was emotionally sick at first. As I gave a medical examination he finally said he was not feeling himself. Continuing this analysis, I can officially say after asking him why he mostly wrote gothic fiction, I should have seen it coming. I asked many questions at first he was reluctant to answer so I used…show more content…
Since his childhood and misfortune have affected him in many different ways. For instance, throughout Poe's stories and poems I have noticed a common theme, Death. Comparing this theme to his life it is notable to see how young his mother died. As well as, he spoke of his wife dying of an illness, yet interestingly also his wife was also his cousin. I was surprised how much transference there is between his life and his stories. Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems spoke what he could not. Which was one of the most important key concepts to getting to the bottom of why he is so sad. Usually I say it's because of the weather, have you eaten, and you have experienced a loss, but this person is far more intriguing. Continuing this further, Although, his entire life was not miserable. To clarify, the short period he was married to his sick wife. This part of his life holds striking similarities with his poems as well as his stories. Yet, these stories were far less sad and depressing. As well as, a story he spoke up, including a very alcoholic man, rage and killing animals. I was contemplating if he was a drinker after his
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