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When it comes to emotions, humanity is (for the most part) heavily afflicted. We are in fact creatures that respond to stimulus, and our responses vary based on a set of defined rules that we develop from the day of our conception. But, for the most part we are in the dark as to how these rules operate and why we respond emotionally to specific scenarios. These responses are heavily biased by our emotional construct and vary (as previously defined) from person to person. Due to this fact, and our innately inquisitive nature, psychology was born. Contained within psychology are the keys to unlocking the secrets as to how and why our conscious operates the way it does. One emotion that has enthralled society to the point of exploitation is fear. Fear, has been defined as having…show more content…
Parents when it comes to children are a prime example of such a situation. The mothering instinct that animals innately display towards their young is essential for the survival of a species. The fear of death is tied directly to the instinct of survival. Even biologically fear can have effects in a person, fear spikes adrenaline levels, sharpens self and situational awareness, and has been proven to increase metabolic rates. Fear can also make a person be incredibly cautious, this for example has been proven when issues such as viral outbreaks, violent conflicts, and general unrest arise.

In retrospect we can see that fear has a plethora of positive factors made evident when it comes to self preservation. Even thought there may be detractors that may sway you to believe that fear is a detriment; examine the data! Without fear humanity would have never reached the height at which it is today. Fear, is a positive emotion. Capable of monolithic feats of human achievement, and driving innovation throughout

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