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Response Writing to “Go Ask Alice” Go Ask Alice was a very interesting and unique book, nothing like I have read before. The book is written from the point of Alice and is just a recount of a period of her life where she falls into a dangerous crowd and goes down a dark path. The book’s main topics include depression, never being satisfied, and primarily, drugs usage. Alice’s constant struggle with drugs is the central focal point of the book highlighted through her many escapades while using it. Alice starts as a normal, middle-class girl in the 60s; however, she changes and belittles herself throughout the book to where she becomes a depressed, drug addicted teen who eventually dies of an overdose. She had no one to confide into, resulting in her using a diary as her primary confidant. I believe this is one of the dominant…show more content…
Since the author was writing to herself (her diary), she didn’t have to make herself look good or appealing. She could write the whole truth and no one would judge her because no one was supposed to see her diary. Because the author wrote with no incentive to lie, her work appears very reliable. Also with the things she wrote, no one would write that as a lie because that is a side that most try with all their might to hide. Go Ask Alice was a good book to read and kept my attention throughout the entirety. The drug scene was something I was partially aware of, but have never been able to read about from a first hand account. This book sheds light on the dangers of addiction and the severity of it’s issues. I enjoyed the book, although redundant with the plot (addicted to drugs, then quits, then cycles). I did not appreciate the language in the book, but it was not written for an audience so it’s not the author’s fault. I would recommend this to only an older friend because of the maturity of it and the mature topics
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