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Response to Intervention (RTI) is currently the dominant approach to deal with academic and behavioral problems in public schools across the nations. Despite the fact that RTI aspired to intervene early and find students who needed extra intervention, the complexity of the model is should be concerned and explored for the appropriate implementation.
Focus on learning problems, RTI is an alternative approach to the discrepancy method for identifying children with learning disorders. This approach is typically a three-tiered process focused on screening all children for academic problems, monitoring the progress of at risk children for disabilities, and providing increasing levels of instruction determined by individual need. The level and type
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maturation, family factors) other than specific intervention. In order to determine that these factors truly represent predictors of response to intervention, two specific research designs need to be utilized (Yoder & Compton, 2004). The first is a randomized control trial (RCT), including the examination of statistical interactions between hypothesized pre-intervention predictors and group assignment. In this case, when this growth varies as a function of a hypothesized predictor, it can be assumed that the pre-treatment variable that moderates the treatment effect is a predictor of treatment response (Yoder & Compton, 2004). The second research design is a single-subject design. Individual participants are identified as treatment responders or non-responders based on evaluating the immediacy and the magnitude of change in a target outcome. Assuming that the responder’s data meet the design requirements, the growth is attributed to the treatment rather than to other factors. When there are a large enough sample of individual responders and non-responders, these studies can examine the differences in putatively important pre-treatment characteristics and represent the critical element for identifying the predictors of response to treatment. On the basis of the intergenerational multiple deficit model of dyslexia, there are two groups of variables which can be used for studies as

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