Response To John Steinbeck's 'Our Corps Group'

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Our situation was briefly about how your men jumped into a river in order to save their fallen items. After being chased by an enormous bear that required eight shots in order to be taken down, your pirogue starts to sink bring all of your important items with you, including your maps, instruments and journals. In our corps group, Kaylee, Lainie, and Rebecca decided that they would jump in the water. They also use the fact that they need their belongings more than anything else on their journey. Everyone, but myself, has come to this decision. We then decided to take a vote. The reasons of how each person came to their conclusions were mostly mixed. For the people who chose to jump in the water, they had a couple of reasons to support their idea. One of their reasons for jumping into the water, was that the boat was already sinking anyway and that they should at least try to save their belongings. Another reason was the simple fact that the journals, instruments, and maps were the most important items on the journey, therefore you would have to protect them with whatever it takes. For me, I said that I would not jump in the boat. I came to this conclusion because the water would be way too cold and the current would be too rough. I…show more content…
In the end they decided to jump into the river to get their belongings. But soon after they realized that it was a very bad decision. This is very similar to our group’s decision because some people decided that is was an excellent idea to go after the items, while I did not. Our reasons were very similar too. The reason why I chose not to jump into the river was because that I thought that the water was going to be too cold and that the water would be too rough. The reason why Lewis and Clark regretted jumping in was because of the same reasons. In conclusion, our group 's decision can be compared to Lewis’ and Clark’s
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