Response To Laura Esquirel's 'Like Water For Chocolate'

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Response to Literature Essay In the story Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel, a young girl named Tita must break free of her dictatorial mother in order to be with her true love. However, she must decide between a man named John Brown who supported her through the toughest times, and a man named Pedro who is so called her “true love”. In the end, she chooses Pedro, setting the theme as true love never dies. However, the main idea of the book would have been drastically different if Tita had chosen John Brown because the possible decision would have triggered another theme which is those who stand by your side and support you love you the most. By choosing John Brown, the main theme would have been discontinued, the mood would have shifted, and the development of the main character would have quickened. The theme of Laura Esquirel’s novel would be completely different if Tita married John Brown because Tita sends the message of true love at the beginning. Tita recalls her first memory with her “true love”, Pedro, as “The passion with Pedro had torn away her clothes, causing the flesh beneath her to burn beneath the touch of those incandescent…show more content…
John’s message would remarkable change the story because it would give a possibility of mending Tita’s relationship with her mother. By “keeping close to those who love you”, Tita could likely learn to appreciate her mother. The story would be torn apart because the main antagonist is her mother, by mending the relationship between with mother, you might as well throw away half of the story because Tita’s mother caused much of the problems Tita has to deal in the other half of the story such as the drama with Rosaura and Pedro. This final effect is so puissant that almost all the problems would be eliminated and Tita would end up taking care of her mother until she
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