Response To Martin Luther's Speech

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1. Martin Luther writes the letter as a reply to the eight clergymen who criticized his peaceful act of demonstrations. In it he details as to why he is jailed and the many reason injustice has plagued Birmingham. 2. Martin Luther King approaches the topic with a formal and academic tone. He does not simply exclude his writing to a certain group of people but to everyone, by including known icons such as Thomas Jefferson all the while not overloading it with words some common fold would not understand. 3. Considering how, at the time, Asia and Africa were considered to be developing nations that does not even rival the west, it is surprising how MLK describes them to be moving at “jet like speed”. The comparison itself almost states that…show more content…
In MLK’s words the law simply changes when another seats in power. In the instance of Hitler his anti-Semitist views caused him to portray the Jews in bad like and infected his countrymen with the idea that it was the moral thing to do to aid him in the purge of Jewish citizens. 7. King believes that the world is in need of “creative extremists” because these are the folks that are able to see the bigger picture and would do anything to achieve it. He labels Jesus Christ as an “extremist for love, truth and goodness” (748), and through this he was able to achieve a momentary peace for the world. If the world was to be presented with this creative extremist, who actions would seem foreign at first would be initially thwarted only to be later on accepted as the truth. 8. MLK’s Letters from Birmingham is very persuasive. It evokes several emotions all of which strike deep into the readers’ hearts, all the while it build credibility and provides truth. Reading it along is like taking a walk down history and watching the intense fight he fought for his belief of equality. In the end it leaves the readers with a taste of duty, that when ones government becomes unjust it falls to us to start a revolution. Even now,this letter can be connected to many aspects of present day society and will forever embody the need for justice America
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