Response To Mary Andrews's Existential Crisis

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In the article by Mary Andrews, she talks about the many different identity crisis a person can go through. She calls the Crises Existential crises. There are different crises from different times in a persons life. They all have one thing in common, however and that is the person is looking to answer some type of question they are having in his or her life. Most of the time, existential crises happen at points in a persons life when anxiety is running high. Andrews explain that existential crises are apart of everyone 's lives. Existential crises are normal, so a person should not worry if they experience one. She explains that people have the opportunity to determine different paths that their life could take and this causes anxiety for fear of picking the wrong one. Andrews main points in her article are to explains the different stages of Existential crises…show more content…
The first thing Andrew mentions is matching people with people. This can help figure out a persons sexual identity as well as help start meaningful relationships that a person will not have to question. The second is matching people to careers. If a person can have help finding what they like to do and what they are good it eliminates the cause for anxiety. The last is social perspective taking. This is when a person can learn from others perspectives of things and their opinions as well. All of these are used to help a person concur crisis that he or she is bound to go through. This article was very well written and eye opening. Knowing that identity crisis are experienced by all is something everyone needs to know. The knowledge of knowing it is okay to experience an identity crisis can help a person overcome the crisis itself. It falls into the last solution Andrews mentions, social perspective taking. I feel the solutions that Andrews give are great ways to avoid depression and other hardships that a person will

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