Response To Mccloskey's Essay On Being An Atheist

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H. J. McCloskey published an article in February 1968 entitled, “On Being an Atheist.” God’s existence is one that has been questioned and debated for many years. McCloskey’s article is an argument that attempts to show that an atheistic view is more comfortable than a theistic view in an effort to prove that God does not exist. McCloskey argued against the theistic arguments: the cosmological argument, teleological argument, and argument from design. Therefore, this paper is in response to McCloskey’s arguments with a theistic view, in support of God’s existence. McCloskey (1968) suggests that the arguments given are why theists believe in God but states that these arguments do not support a belief in God (p. 65). We cannot “prove” with absolute certainty that God exists. God, and His sovereignty are far greater than what our minds could ever comprehend. The thought that God is the best explanation for life and our being is important in maintaining the belief that God does exist. Just because there is no “absolute proof,” does not mean that God does not exist. Throughout…show more content…
51). According to Evans & Manis (2009), the conclusion of the cosmological argument is limited (p. 77). The cosmological argument basically lays the groundwork for beginning a deeper study of God and how the universe originated. This shows that there is evidence to substantiate God’s existence and suggests that McCloskey’s idea to discount this theory is false because there is a source of the universe and everything within. However, Naturalists, for example would object to this argument. Naturalists believe that there is no reason that an object exists and are unable to provide explanations in support of why these objects are in existence. However, the cause of the universe is necessary because the answer behind it all is God’s
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