Response To My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

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(My Papa’s Waltz) Response
The warm feeling of love and affection from a parent is supposed to be a cheerful experience, but in Theodore Roethke poem, love is battling fear. The narrator of this poem portrays over compassion from a drunken father who engages in a bizarre waltz, with his fearful child. The controversy of this abnormal experience from a father to his child is describes on the endurance of the child throughout the poem of painful dancing that ended with mix emotion. The allegory in this poem is deep with hidden meaning on how to deal with abuse from a love one. The love for a parent or a sibling is a hard burden to endure when abuse comes into a situation causing fear and despair.
The simple gesture of a dancing is one way to win a child over with bonding emotions, but to forcefully pull or drag a person is abuse. The opening of the poem begins at a high risk factor of child endangerment with the smell of alcohol coming from the father's breath. Some assumption in the poem is that this encounter of drunken behavior of the father is not the first time this acquired or the last. This assumption comes from the
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In the case of the drunken father, who feels rambunctious enough to enter the home and engage in an inappropriate manner of dancing, that leads to a physical abuse of a child in his home. The meaning of love is deep in this poem for a child to hold on even when face with fear never gave up on an abuse full father. The undeniable fact, in this poem is that a person who suffering from alcoholism needs to wake up and realize the negative effect he is causing his family with his addiction. There is an old saying that time can heal wounds, but memories are a thing that can destroy families forever. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” is design to open the mind and heart of those suffering from negative love and repair what is missing before it is too
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