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Responses to Narrative Narrative story written by Sara well depicts my essential image in the first and last paragraph. A reader can easily imagine how I look like, and how I dress up on my usual days. It also captures some part of my personality by using words, such as “bright and contagious", “calm and ready to go”, and “excellent listener”. Except for two inaccurate things which I will talk about in the following paragraphs, I think Sara has overall well captured me authentically in the narrative essay. The essay authentically presents why I had to move to the States, things that I struggled with, and what has shaped me into the person I am today. Each paragraph is well organized and every paragraph flows well together. The paragraph moves in chronological order from my life in Korea before moving to the States, to my high school year in Alabama, then to Auburn…show more content…
Not all the reasons are right on that paragraph. I have applied to many other colleges including Auburn. When I got accepted to schools, my father actually pushed me to go somewhere outside of Alabama. However, I thought schools outside of Alabama required extravagant amount of tuition for international students. I was seeking for colleges inside Alabama with majors that interest me. Later, I figured out that Auburn had Industrial Design major and it has fascinated since then. In the paragraph, she talks about my story of choosing a college, and I don’t think it is the right place for Sara to talk about her similar experience while doing her own college research in the middle of the paragraph. I suggest Sara to narrow down the information about Auburn, and add more about my difficulty of choosing a college between Korea and United States. Although there could be more opportunities for me in the States, I had to give up lots of things such as spending time with my
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