Response To Night By Elie Wiesel

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The definition of resist is withstand the action or effect of. Throught the whole book the Jews resisted from the Natzi’s taking their culture. Although they could not fight back physically, the Jews kept their religion/culture in their hearts. When they were in in the camp the Jews would sing hebrew songs pg. 62-63. Another thing was when they were at the camp, they never lost all faith. At moments some faith would be lost but they always tried to survive not only for their families but for god.

The camps were really bad. It was definitely not a fun place to be at. When the Jews were at the camp they were treated really badly. This made them question many things. They questioned to god if he really cared about them anymore. They would sometimes feel as though he did not but at the end he did. The only time Wiesel was questioning his faith was when he thought his life was over. He had nothing to live for. In the end of the book he leaves the camp and has a new life.
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Yes, they were beaten, burned alive and tortured with but the Natzi’s could never take away the memories of the Jews lives. They definitely tried, but it didn’t work. the memories they had before going to the camp helped them through the times at the concentration camp. It reminded them of their family 's, homes, neighbors and friends.

What does night mean? The real definition is the period of darkness in each twenty-four hours; the time from sunset to sunrise. Night was the period of darkness where nothing bad could happen. This is the time where they could connect with god. Throughout the book Night changes it’s meaning. At the end of the book Night meant cold limpless life. He would have stinging feet from running too much, his body would ache all the time. He wouldn’t connect with god
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