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For as long as Odysseus and his men could see in the distance, was miles

upon miles of the vast ocean. The ocean was exceedingly

immense and at the moment, at peace and mysterious.

The waves were docile and relieving , and as the sun set the men were

starting to be positive they would arrive to Ithaca in the near future

considering the pace they were keeping now. Although the darkness of dusk

was approaching at a rapid speed, and Odysseus kept silent as usual, but

had a awful feeling something abominable was about to occur. When out of nowhere the

sky opened up sending an terrifying bolt of lightning right through their

ship. The sound of the cracking wood inside the ship was as loud as men at war, being bloody and
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She quickly hands Odysseus a strange plant and tells him to eat it.

He eats the plant and is relieved as he begins to breath.

"What is this?" Odysseus asks. She replied, "It is a special kind of seaweed that I

acquired a while ago from Poseidon.

This will allow you to breath the water as if it is the air that once filled your

lungs." She handed me more of the seaweed. "Give this

to your men once they wake up, and then share this message with them;

within this cave there is something lurking.

It is a snake like monster with shining golden eyes.

This creature will help you return to land above.

But beware, for it has a bloodthirsty counterpart, another head. This head is the opposite

of the first; it has villainous red eyes

and only wishes to bring destruction to anything in it 's path.

Find this monster and destroy the head with red eyes,

While the golden eyed head is the only way you 'll escape with your lives."

With that, Athena vanished and his men awoke.

After consuming the seaweed Odysseus shared what Athena had told him.

"Men, have we not been in this crisis before?

We have completed task upon task without

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