Response To Plato's Symposium

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Response Paper 1: Plato’s Symposium
Plato’s symposium wad seven speeches, but two that really made me think were from Phaedrus and Aristophanes. Phaedrus has mentioned that love is the oldest god. It is the highest good that tries to guide men. He tries to explain that love is so strong that is even exceeds honor and has the ability to please the gods. Many people have tried to fight for love and by fighting in the name of love the gods are honored. Phaedrus tries to explain that love is what makes people into a real hero. They are fighting for their beloved and will encourage people to get stronger for the people they care about. Love is an unstoppable force that people are even willing to sacrifice themselves for their love. He concludes that love is the eldest and mightiest of the good, giver of virtual life and happiness in death. Aristophanes love is about that two people were once whole. We had four arms and legs with two faces. Zeus was angered by us that he decided to split us up into two people. Now people have a desire to search for their other half trying to be whole again. The God of Love is our greatest benefactor because the god is trying to restore to our original form. Both speeches show that the God of Love is there to help us in many ways. From making us into heroes or helping us find out our other half. Aristophanes speech is more of having the desire for completion and talks about having 3 sexes, while Phaedrus is more of a principle to

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