Response To Social Media Addiction

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Through the astonishing post and impractical body expectations, social media has cast a pessimistic shadow over society. Due to the competitive cyber atmosphere and the constant drive for attention, social media has left individuals with the feelings of unsatisfactory and despair. According to most people, they post on social media to “stay connected to the world”. So if society is so worried about staying connected then why do most people feel drained or even depressed after getting “connected” to social media?
Social Media has created an underlying competition between fantasy and reality. With new editing features, people can change themselves in unbelievable ways. Most women post edited pictures to try and fit these perfect molds that society
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The response to the post is what we really care about. Depending on the likes or the comments the post receives, determines how good or bad we feel about ourselves. Most of our insecurities stem from the socially acceptable status quote and how we are accepted as a person. Research shows that adolescents who spend more than two hours a day on social media are more likely to have poor mental health, including personal image. Internet addiction is defined as the uncontrollable use of the Internet that results in excessive time consumption or social dysfunction. Internet addiction has similar characteristics as many other addictions, which result in many personal issues ranging from family to school, to relationships, and even the way we see ourselves. In many teens, being addicted to the internet has led children to fail school, loss of friends, and disinterest in regular activities. Additionally, studies have found astounding changes in the brains of teens with such addiction, including a high level of anxiety and self­harming emotions and…show more content…
Self­expression and self­identity are essential to the development of the teen years. Social media can become a positive platform for positive self­expression, letting teens put forward their best self. Most “Americans like the excitement”, that social media can be. Whether it’s keeping up with celebrities or even national news, social media can just simply be fun. All these things can work hard and make it easier to take this journey of life.
Social Media can take us on a roller coaster of emotions. From happy, to excited, to annoyed. But truly the only person that can control that is the person using the tool. It’s something created to connect us all in ways unimaginable and totally mind­blowing, but it’s up to society as a whole to decide how it will affect our future. And that just might take a little longer than we expect. Social media leads man people to negative understandings of their person. It’s something that can be a true blessing or a true lesson. Information is power and can lead us in a downward spiral. It’s okay to want to share your life and stay connected with the beautiful world around us but there are much safer and happier ways to do so. If social networking is putting a person in a constant state of uninsurance and sadness then it’s probably something there's people should take a break
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