What Was The Impact Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence is one of the most significant documents in the History of the World. It is the basis of politics in the United States and has influenced millions of people to this date. Without the document who knows what America and the rest of the world would be like today. The amount of impact it has had on the culture of modern society is enormous. It has changed the perspective on freedom and religion in all societies and has set a standard for the rights of the people. Thomas Jefferson and the other writers of the Declaration changed the world with a pen. The introduction of the Declaration of Independence is the beginning to the reasoning of the colonists. It states the purpose of the document which is to declare the causes that compel the colonists to separate themselves from the evil British King. There are many reasons listed in the document that explain why the King is doing a terrible job and should be no part of the colonies. The reasons use a variety of literary devices and parallelism. Also in the introduction contains the philosophy upon which the declaration is based. This philosophy is that “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and that the reason for instituting these governments is to ensure these rights. When the government tries to remove the rights from the people, the governed people should have the right to rebel. There are a few different main points in the body of the Declaration. These points of course start with …show more content…

It has changed the perception of freedom within a country. It makes for a great example on how to separate from a tyrant ruler and can demonstrate patriotism in every way. The different insults of the King proved how and why the colonists will be better off. The Declaration of the basis of this great country and we would be nowhere without

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