Novel Review: A Walk To Remember By Nicholas Sparks

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A WALK TO REMEMBER (NICHOLAS SPARKS) INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK “A Walk to Remember” is a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. This novel was released in October 1999 by Warner Books. The language of this novel is English. It consists of drama and romance. This novel sets a story of two teenagers who, though different in their life styles and personalities, fall in love with each other. Because of the extreme success of the novel, it was revised in the form of a film. INTRODUCTION TO THE AUTHOR Nicholas Sparks, the author, wrote this novel in early 1999. A Walk to Remember is his third novel. His first novel, The Notebook, also earned great success and was adapted into a film. Sparks wrote this novel in inspiration of his sister. Though the story contains fictional content but is still based on authentic…show more content…
It too showed a great turn out and his readers grabbed their copies from all over the world. This novel was loved by his fans so was adapted into the film. This beautiful piece was valued and discussed in various famous magazines and papers of all times. CONFLICT Conflict in the novel I found is that Jamie’s father and Landon are not in good terms with each other and they do not always have same view on things. So, this is a big problem as Landon loves Jamie and he needs to get her father’s approval for their relationship. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF BOOK In my opinion, this book is a classic of all times. It contains the thrill, adventure, ups and downs which are directly and indirectly associated with the lives of Jamie and Landon respectively as, Jamie and Landon, two teenagers being friends at first, fell in love with each other later. Jamie’s disease could not become a hurdle in their path and they married each other despite of all the

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