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The Raven is a poem by which the narrator was passing a difficult time because he has recently lost his love Lenore. He is in a ebony place passing his grief as he receives a black bird (a raven) into his room. When the narrator start talking to the bird the bird always answered him but just with one word that was "Nevermore". The time the narrator was passing by that moment was nothing easy at all, some people take it very harsh and of course anybody can understand it. Being in that situation leads you to many paths like some people can cry and cry for days, others will be sad and be by themselves until they don't feel down anymore, some other people would like better be surrounded by their loved ones and friends, others will lost their consciousness just like the narrator, and even some other people would just go to the extreme by killing themselves. Not all human beings are the same, all will react differently to different situations that we pass, and that's normal we are different and that's what makes us ourselves.

I think this poem this poem is real by the fact of this poor man passing a horrible situation. This man lost the love of his life and now is December the month of love, family and happiness but he does not know
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It was created by the same narrator because he was the one telling the tale. The narrator was describing all the settings, moods, imagery in the poem. I think that if the narrator wasn't feeling that horrible grief and had have some sleep all that doom sense in the poem would have changed totally. The narrator felt that way because of the lost of Lenore and lack of sleep, but if he had felt more conscious about what was happening the poem wouldn't had felt that way it has now. The doom feeling wouldn't had felt that much if the narrator would have been in a another state of being, but like what he was feeling in that moment was all horrible at once, that was what he

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