Response To The Short Story 'Roman Fever'

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English 1-A Week 3 04/10/201 Short Story Response 1 April Baker

The Story of “Roman Fever”

The Story of “Roman Fever “

The story “Roman Fever” takes place in a Coliseum. In Rome with two middle age woman who have been friends for a long time, They were both in love with the same man and had kept a few major secrets from each other until they day they took a trip back to Rome as adults with their
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They both are powerful, even though unread or unreadable. They carry power to control and ruin someone’s life or reputation if they were to be exposed. Love letter enables a woman to express her sexuality. I couldn’t understand how a friend would want to wish harm on a friend that she would go through the extreme to write a fake love letter in hopes that she would go to meet with the pretend man, also to hopefully catch Roman fever which in turn can take her life. There is a twist to this at the end of the story. The narrative insists, giving significant mental space to the daughter’s story. The mother’s reflect are reminded of their first meeting in Rome, in their twenties, because their daughters are in the similar situation. Mrs., Slides secret envy and hatred for Mrs., Ansell hatred is brought into focus by her comparison of the two daughters. I see this as Jenny and Barbara reproducing Grace and Laid, as young ladies competing for the same man. Barbara White for example suggests that the ‘veritable epidemic ’ of jealousy extends the daughters, but I think this rivalry between them exists mainly in the mother’s
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